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FTA6161 (attandance recording)
IFACE 101 (attandance recording)

Readers :- Show card(Proximity,HID,Smart card),Finger print reader with show card,Face reader.All the products available with access control.

SC405 (Access Control)
IFACE 202 (Access Control cum Attendance Recording)

Attendance Management Software

Attendance Management Software

About Software
Attendance Management Software

  • About Software
  • We provide software developed in all platforms(VB with ms Access,VB with SQL and etc.,)

    Synthetic Id Card

    Digital Printed Id Card

    ID Card holder

    We are making Rope,yoyo,Id card holder also

    Pvc Id Card
    Camination Id Card
    Id card yoyo
    600VA/12V Digital Inverter
    Digital Inverter

    We Sale and service all type of inverters and batteries(microtek inverters and exide batteries etc.,)

    UPS E² model
    Controller based Inverter
    Suguna Chicken Dealer
    Dry Fruits

    Water Bottle

    We deliver all variety of ice cream, water bottle,Dry fruits,Chicken for all functions through your order

    ice cream
    ice cream